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Disability in children and adolescents must be integrated into the global health agenda

Childhood disability is not a priority in health systems. A recently published article in the BMJ by Cieza and colleagues argues why this needs to change. Firstly, the number of children with disability is increasing. More children are surviving, but not all of them are thriving. The article explores trends in prevalence of a number […]

Can An App Spot Kids With Autism?

Researchers say they are one step closer to using a smartphone app to identify children with autism. A new study suggests that an app can screen toddlers for developmental disability by assessing their eye gaze patterns while they watch specially designed videos on an iPhone or iPad. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes and could […]

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Sdny Care Services offering personalised treatment for a range of physical and learning disabilities. Our goal is to enhance the lives of individuals with complex disabilities.


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