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How are we unique in providing exceptional care?


Expertise at Every Step

Our commitment to exceptional care goes hand-in-hand with the expertise of our seasoned healthcare professionals.


Advanced and Improved Care

Advanced and Improved Care We provide advanced solutions that evolve with our patients’ changing needs. Staying at the forefront of industry practices ensures continual improvement, empowering our patients to meet their needs effectively


Aspire, Achieve and Collaborate

We are dedicated to empowering lives through purposeful disability services. We believe in the power of aspirations and provide personalised care plans to help individuals dream big and achieve their goals.

Our Care Approach

Safety Assurance

Your safety is paramount. Our dedicated healthcare professionals ensure comprehensive and attentive care for your well-being.


We care about you and your needs. Our empathetic support creates a personal journey with compassion, understanding, respect and value.

About Us

Committed to Personalised and Convenient Care

At SDNY Care Services, we offer different services to help make life better for people with disabilities, including those with physical or learning disabilities and long-term health conditions.
Here's why you might choose us:

Personalised Care

We give special attention to each person’s unique goals.

Compassionate Services

We provide customised support for physical, learning and mental health challenges.

We Care

We aim to efficiently help and connect with you through custom plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What kinds of services does SDNY Care Services provide?

We're here to improve lives, offering a variety of services for individuals with disabilities. Whether it's support for physical challenges, learning differences, or long-term health conditions.

What types of disabilities does SDNY Care Services support?

We're here for everyone, providing support for various disabilities, including physical challenges, learning differences, and long-term health conditions.

How does SDNY Care Services build connections with clients?

We believe in real communication. We listen, we engage and we work to understand your challenges. It's about building a connection that makes our care more efficient and effective.

How can I get in touch with SDNY Care Services if I have questions?

You can reach us via our 'Contact Us' page, we're always ready to answer your questions and provide the assistance you need.

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About Us

Sdny Care Services offering personalised treatment for a range of physical and learning disabilities. Our goal is to enhance the lives of individuals with complex disabilities.


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