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Why Choose Us?

How are we unique in providing exceptional care?


Expertise at Every Step

Our commitment to exceptional care goes hand-in-hand with the expertise of our seasoned healthcare professionals.


Advanced and Improved Care

Advanced and Improved Care We provide advanced solutions that evolve with our patients’ changing needs. Staying at the forefront of industry practices ensures continual improvement, empowering our patients to meet their needs effectively


Aspire, Achieve and Collaborate

We are dedicated to empowering lives through purposeful disability services. We believe in the power of aspirations and provide personalised care plans to help individuals dream big and achieve their goals.

Life Stage Assistance - Transition

Everyone experiences different phases in life; transitioning from one phase to another is inherently challenging. We understand that transitioning between life stages, from school to university, entering the workforce, or embracing retirement, can be tough. For those with mobility restrictions, this journey becomes even more challenging. At SDNY Care Services, we are committed to making these transitions smoother for you. Our personalised programs are designed to cater to your unique needs and lifestyle, enabling you to navigate life changes easily.

Our assistance with life stage changes covers various areas:

  • Starting a new job, school, or college
  • Making better use of NDIS supports
  • Learning new skills
  • Starting a business venture
  • Making decisions on important matters
  • Embracing change and building the capacity to adapt

Community Engagement and Development

Humans are inherently social creatures, naturally developing the ability to interact and engage with others as we grow. However, this social participation can pose unique challenges for individuals facing mobility restrictions and impairments. SDNY Care Services stands by you, helping you overcome limitations, actively engage in your community and lead a life of your choice.

What positive outcomes can you expect from our service?

We consider your lifestyle, preferences, life goals and support needs; our personalised approach helps you live life on your terms. Here are the services provided:
  • Enhancing your behaviour and attitude
  • Improving your personality and boosting self-confidence
  • Reducing the necessity for long-term care and support
  • Assisting you in maintaining independence without continual support
  • Empowering you to lead a life with as much autonomy as possible.

Household Activities

Daily household tasks can be challenging if you face physical challenges like mobility restrictions. But worry not—you just need a helping hand to make those tasks more manageable. The trusted source for that support is SDNY Care Services. At SDNY Care Services, we understand the importance of tailored individual assistance. We focus on providing you with the support you need to lead the life you want with dignity and independence.

What assistance is offered for household tasks at SDNY Care Services?

It includes everything from the basics, like

  • General Housekeeping 
  • Gardening and related tasks
  • Ironing 
  • Dishwashing
  • Dusting and sweeping
  • Laundry
  • Meal preparation
  • Bed Preparation
  • Home organization, and so on

At SDNY Care Services, we’re here to guide you, help you build essential skills and empower you to manage tasks in your home. Because it’s not just about the tasks– it’s about making your daily life more comfortable and giving you the confidence to handle things independently.

Career and Education Assistance

Are you looking to advance in your career and education, or perhaps you need a dedicated assistant to apply for employment, sustain your career, or enhance your skills? Look no further than SDNY Care Services for the support you need. We are here to assist you with employment and education maintenance, guidance on job coaching, skill acquisition, adapting to workplace modifications and more.

Why choose our career and education assistance service?

  • We offer guidance for retaining employment, considering all essential factors. 
  • We aid in skill development through our education support program. 
  • We adopt personalised approaches to assist you in retaining your job and acquiring new skills

Employment Advancement

Starting a career can be tricky, especially if you face mobility challenges. SDNY Care Services is here to cater your needs. We empower individuals with physical impairments to achieve their career aspirations. Trust us to guide you if you strive for a fulfilling career despite such challenges. We evaluate your educational qualifications, connecting you with suitable employment opportunities. We reach out to organisations that offer roles in your preferred career, assist in creating impressive resumes and prepare you for interviews. To further personalise the employment process, we will carefully note your requirements, streamline the job search and simplify the steps needed to apply for open positions.

What are the key benefits of our employment support services?

  • We assist you in applying for your preferred position.
  • We guide you through the job application process.
  • We provide details of available positions.
  • We help you develop the necessary skills for the job.

Choose our employment support services for a tailored approach to achieving your career goals.


Life Skills Development

To achieve independence despite physical impairments, developing the necessary skills is essential. With the support of SDNY Care Services, we assure you that embracing life skills becomes more accessible. We assist you with tasks at home or in shared spaces, efficiently developing skills for your convenience.

Why choose a skill development service?

  • We will assist you in completing various tasks.
  • With proper planning, we will help to develop multiple skills. 
  • We will adopt personalised approaches to help you develop essential life skills.
  • We consider your needs and physical impairments to assist in developing the necessary skills.

Daily Activity Assistance

As we grow up, we naturally learn and develop skills that help us to handle our daily activities independently. However, external support can be crucial for individuals with mobility restrictions to complete tasks independently. At SDNY Care, we consider your lifestyle, life objectives, aspirations and socioeconomic background to offer tailored assistance. This ensures you achieve your goals and lead a life of choice.

What is included in our assistance for daily activities?

  • Assistance in daily living activities such as preparing meals, basic cleaning and home-based tasks like gardening.
  • Organisational skills and support developing individual skills to align with life goals and aspirations.
  • Personal hygiene assistance, including bathing, showering and grooming.
  • We administer medication as well as reminders.
  • Learning how to maintain a safe and secure lifestyle at home. 
  • Assist with budgeting, billing and more.

Daily Task Assistance

For individuals facing mobility challenges and other impairments, especially in shared living environments, SDNY Care Services provides a tailored and personalised solution for them. At SDNY Care Services, we understand the unique needs of individuals like you and are dedicated to supporting you in your daily tasks with expertise. We understand that excessive assistance may hinder the development of your skills for independent task completion. We create a balanced approach by offering a personalised care plan that considers your lifestyle, goals and aspirations. We aim to assist you in leading a life as independently as possible without restricting your freedom.

What is included in our support services?

  • Independently performing daily tasks while making sure you stay safe.
  • Carrying out various self-care practices independently under expert supervision.
  • Managing your budget and finances.
  • Manage your medications and health, and also track your progress.
  • Keep records of bills and expenses and ensure timely payments.
  • Exploring alternative accommodation options, including shared living if needed.
  • Staying up-to-date with all your commitments.
  • Handling correspondence and paperwork.
  • Maintaining healthy personal, professional, or social communication.

Group Activities

If group task performance is challenging for you, we simplify it. SDNY Care Services understands the importance of group activities for individuals facing physical impairments. We offer dedicated support for group tasks and are committed to simplifying these activities, considering your unique needs and assisting you effectively. We’ll assist you in developing essential skills to participate in group activities seamlessly. Over time, with our support, you’ll gain competencies that enable you to engage in various social, cultural and recreational activities.

What types of group task support do we offer?

We offer various group activities, which include the following:
  • Sports and musical activities 
  • Indoor games
  • Art and craft activities
  • Food preparation 
  • Engage in discussions, debates and similar activities
We will guide you through every step, maintaining close communication, understanding your challenges and customising tasks to ensure your convenience.

Travel and Transport Activities

Don’t worry if moving around with aids poses challenges for you. SDNY Care Services is here to support you with travel and transport. We will make home mobility and travelling to different locations effortless. After assessing your daily challenges and physical impairments, we create a personalised support plan to help you acquire the necessary skills for easier movement. We assist you in mastering your disability equipment, ensuring you can operate it confidently. Our travel and transport assistance service is tailored to meet your specific needs effectively.

What is included in our travel and transport assistance?

  • Nearby recreational areas like sports centers, libraries and shops.
  • Your friend’s or loved one’s residence or a nearby community center.
  • Nearby hospitals or physician’s clinics.
  • Local health centres or event locations.
  • Places hosting group-centred activities.
With our guidance, using public transport to reach your desired destinations will also become more accessible.

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