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This Privacy Policy outlines the measures to protect your privacy and ensure compliance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles stipulated in the Privacy Act. We describe our methodology for collecting personal information and elaborate on our practices concerning utilising and sharing such information.

This Privacy Policy is subject to periodic supplementation or amendment and additional privacy statements specific to particular sections of our website may apply. The date of this Privacy Policy will indicate any updates since your last visit.

If you have any questions or require further details about this Privacy Policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the ‘Contact Us’ section.

This document will address the following:

  1. Collection of information
  2. Use and disclosure of information
  3. Access and correction
  4. Security of information
  5. Inquiries and complaints
  • Collection of Information

What kinds of personal data do we collect?

Personal information refers to information or opinions about an individual whose identity is evident or can be reasonably determined. Typically, we collect personal information about you only when you willingly provide it through:

  1. Submission of information via forms or telephone;
  2. Sending us emails;
  3. Using our website’s ‘Contact Us’ page to provide information and/or
  4. Supplying personal information while using any section of our website.

There might be possibilities when we obtain your personal information from alternative sources, such as:

– Your family members

– Your representatives or referral partners

– Your support providers, including support coordinators

– A related business partner, associate or body corporate of Sdny Care Services or from publicly available records

We may gather various kinds of personal information, which may include:

– Your name and date of birth

– Contact details, including both postal and residential addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses

– Government identifiers, such as your participant number under the National Disability Insurance Scheme

– Any additional information that is essential for us to effectively provide services to you.

We may also retain and manage any content you submit through our website, including but not limited to contributions on blogs, forums, wikis and other social media applications and services you may provide.

In certain situations, we may need to gather sensitive information about you to deliver specialised services or for recruitment purposes. Examples of such sensitive information that might be collected include professional memberships, ethnic origin, criminal record and health details.

Your personal information is generally stored in either physical records on our servers or, in some cases, on third-party servers that may be located overseas.

Additionally, we might gather and retain information about you that doesn’t qualify as personal information, including:

– Data related to your interactions on our website through tracking technologies like cookies.

– Information about your internet browser, operating system, IP address and internet service provider domain name.

– Details of any survey responses you provide.

We use this information internally for various purposes, such as administering our services, troubleshooting issues, generating statistics and trends, and enhancing the overall quality of our products and services.

What information will we provide you with when gathering your personal details?

When gathering your personal information, we strive to communicate:

– How to contact us.

– The purpose behind collecting the information.

– Organisations, or types of organisations, to which we typically disclose such information.

– Whether collecting the information is a legal requirement.

– Potential consequences for you if you choose not to provide the information.

– The process for accessing and rectifying the information.

– How to file a complaint regarding a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles.

– Whether your information will be disclosed to overseas recipients and the likely countries of their location.

Instead of relying on third parties, we collect personal information directly from you or someone you have properly authorised whenever possible and practical.

  •  Use and disclosure of information:

When it comes to the use and disclosure of your information, we generally collect, retain, use or disclose personal information for various purposes, including (but not limited to):

– Providing plan management and related services;

– Respond to inquiries and requests from our clients;

– Facilitating the processing of invoices and payments to your service providers;

– To offer technology services and solutions.

– Maintaining effective communication with our clients.

– Keeping clients and other contacts informed about our services and industry developments.

– Notifying clients of seminars and other events.

– Administrative purposes.

– Recruitment purposes.

– Employment-related purposes for our staff.

– Engaging service providers, contractors or suppliers in connection with our business operations.

– Managing any conflicts of interest or independence obligations (including auditor independence).

– Conducting surveys and seeking your feedback.

– Meeting regulatory obligations.

– In the context of corporate transactions such as sales, divestitures, mergers or acquisitions.

– Any other business-related purposes.

By sharing your personal information with us, you also consent to us utilising and disclosing your personal information for the following:

– We keep you informed about our goods and services through news and updates.

– Activities necessary or incidental to providing our goods and services.

– We offer website functionality, customisation, and enhancing your online interaction with us.

– We aim to enhance your experience with our products and services by integrating them with social media platforms.

– Sending marketing and promotional material that may interest you, either from our related entities or third-party businesses.

– Seeking your feedback on our services or conducting market research.

Third-party disclosure of information

In general, we will only disclose your personal information for the purposes outlined earlier. This may involve sharing your personal information with:

– Third parties engaged in carrying out administrative or other business management functions.

– Our business partners and associates.

– Individuals or entities contemplating an interest in the enterprise or assets of Sdny Care Services.

– Professional advisors, contractors, consultants, and related bodies corporate associated with Sdny Care Services.

Sdny Care Services ensures that disclosures of your personal information to third parties are handled confidentially or under applicable laws. Additionally, we may share your personal information with your consent or, if required or authorised by law.

International Sharing of Information

When we intend to share personal information with recipients located overseas, we will take appropriate measures to ensure that these recipients adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles or are subject to a comparable privacy framework. This is unless your consent to the international disclosure is obtained or such disclosure is necessitated or allowed by law.

  • Access and Correction

Accessing and Verifying Your Personal Information

We are committed to maintaining your personal information accurate, complete, up-to-date, and relevant whenever it is used, collected or disclosed. Feel free to seek access to your personal information by contacting us. We are more than willing, following any legal constraints, to provide you with details about the personal information we have on record for you upon request. Rest assured, all requests will be addressed within a reasonable timeframe.

The information you provide us is correct. If you believe we have incorrect information about you, please contact us and we will correct any errors or inaccuracies as needed. If we cannot provide you with access to your information or make any requested changes, we will notify you of the reason. If you have any questions about your information, please request your details by contacting us through the “Contact Us” option.

  • Security of Information

We use standard technology and security practices to protect your personal information. This helps prevent it from being misused, interfered with lost, accessed without permission, changed or shared with others.

  • Inquiries and complaints

If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy or want to report a potential violation of this Privacy Policy or the Australian Privacy Principles, you can contact us at

We treat all complaints seriously and will get back to you within a reasonable time.

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